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Pencil Club - Carbon Black Marks - by Heather Givens for Windham Fabrics

Pencil lovers unite! From the earthy, woody smell of a newly sharpened pencil to the fact that some of us have "favorite" erasers, Pencil Club by Heather Givans is an homage to the eight-year-old collector in all of us. Found in this brightly colored 20-piece collection are piles of pencil shavings just too cute to throw away and rows of pencils and erasers organized by color with rainbow stripes. Our artist hearts beat a little faster when imagining a club dedicated to friends who love pencils.

If Pencil Club were real, membership would be free and teachers, writers, librarians, students, artists, engineers, accountants, and all-around lovers of pencils would be encouraged to join. WE HEART PENCILS! ~Heather

This print, Carbon Black Marks, features black pencil shavings or sketch marks on a white background.

Collection: Pencil Club
Designer: Heather Givans
Manufacturer: Windham Fabrics