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Enamel Pin - Yellow Pencil - By The Gray Muse

Celebrate the timeless instrument of creativity with our Yellow Pencil Enamel Pin. With vibrant shades of yellow and a splash of pink, this pin captures the quintessential charm of the classic pencil, making it a must-have for every stationery enthusiast.

Meanings & Symbolism:

Creativity & Inspiration: The pencil is universally recognized as a tool for artists and thinkers, symbolizing the power to turn ideas into reality.

Hard Work & Achievement: For students, a pencil stands for hours of study, diligent note-taking, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Endless Possibilities: A sharpened pencil tip points towards uncharted territories, urging one to write, sketch, and create.

Size: Measuring 1.75" wide

Manufacturer: The Gray Muse