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Enamel Pin - I Am Doing My Best Ineractive Spinner - By The Gray Muse

I created this interactive enamel pin with reminders that you are simply human. Part of the Relatable Text Collection, serving as reminders when you're feeling discouraged. This fun interactive enamel pin makes a perfect gift for the amazing people in your life and comes in two versions: Black and Color. The arrow reads "I am" and spins around to different words around the circle: "doing my best," "good enough", "still growing," "a priority," "resilient," and "100% human." The enamel pin comes in a very stylish gold metal plating and filled with either black enamel or pastel colors, making for a great gift for friends, family, and yourself.

Size: 1.25” wide hard enamel pin. Arrow is 0.5" and spins.

Manufacturer: The Gray Muse