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Wash-Away BadgeMaster Stabilizer - Aquafilm 12 in.

by OeSDâ?-

Professional quality embroidery stabilizers for the best results with your machine embroidery projects.

BadgeMaster is a heavy weight, water soluble stabilizer that rinses out easily with lukewarm water. This stabilizer is best for sewing on sheer, lightweight, and fine fabrics when all traces of stabilizer must be removed from the fabrics. It's also a great choice for stand-alone lace or for embroidered items in which only the thread will remain. And here's a little tip: to give a stiff effect to your stand-alone laces, rinse for a brief period of time so that some of stabilizer remains. For a softer effect, allow your project to soak for a longer time. Triple the weight of Aquafilm Backing!
Suggested uses:
- Challis/rayon
- Hard to hoop items
- Organza/chiffon
- Sheer fabrics
- Towels/terry cloth

Clear; 12" roll x 8 yards.