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Three Yard Quilt Kit Featuring Woodgrain And Blue Blender

Wait until you see this texture! Just imagine the side of a wooden barn or bridge, beautifully painted. The sun and wind and rain have all had a turn at embracing the wood. It’s been several years and now the washed paint highlights every little nook and cranny and creates a rich surface. That’s Washed Woods.

This three-yard quilt bundle includes one one-yard cut from Washed Wood, one one-yard cut from Crescent Swirl, and one one-yard cut from Moda.

Book required additional. This bundle will make any three-yard quilt pattern.

Collection: Crescent Swirl / Washed Wood / Beige Floral
Designer: Kaye England / Contempo Studio / Moda
Manufacturer: Wilmington Prints / Benartex
Material: 100% Cotton