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Idyllic - Text, Raspberry - by Minki Kim for Riley Blake Fabrics

Idyllic was inspired by the beautiful flower shops and picturesque gift shops of my childhood. I often visited those special little stores after school wondering what treasures I would find for the two dollars or sometimes fifty cents I had in my pocket. Two purchases are distinctly remember are a diary with a keyed lock I bought for myself, and a bouquet of freesia to surprise my friends. The shop owners always took the time to wrap my small purchases so beautifully. I hope my collection inspires you to create charming gifts and treasures for yourself and your loved ones. Please enjoy my gift to you, Idyllic. 

This print is Text in Raspberry and features sweet words and phrases with illustrated flowers, rosebuds and thread spools in snow white on a bright pink background.

Collection: Idyllic
Designer: Minki Kim
Manufacturer: Riley Blake