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Wild And Free - Charcoal Main Print - By Gracey Larson For Riley Blake Designs

Wild and Free was inspired by my love for my great country; the United States of America! From coast to coast, we are blessed with some of the most glorious and beautiful creation in the world, especially our national paint pallete of wildflowers! Every state in the USA has its own state flower which, when you combine them all together, create the most beautiful bouquet! This fabric collection takes us all on a fun road trip across the country, as birds fly through the white- clouded, painted sky, and fireflies glow and dance in the grass, to collect flowers throughout the land of the free and the home of the brave. The light color pallete of pinks, golds, greens, mints, and peaches, are contrasted by warm charcoal black to create a playful, carefree color pallete of flowers, which remind us to always LIVE as people who are FREE!

This print is Charcoal Main Print and features state flowers with the name of the state and flower.

Collection: Wild And Free
Designer: Gracey Larson
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs
Material: 100% Cotton