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Grow - Vegetables - By Pippa Shaw For Figo Fabrics

‘Grow’ is an ode to the eternal rhythm of sowing, cultivating, harvesting and preserving. Whether raised in a window box, allotment or community garden, nothing can beat the enjoyment that picking your own produce brings.

But it’s more than that, it’s about growing our knowledge and understanding of nature, as well as our sense of community; or just getting outdoors and doing some exercise and getting our hands dirty, which in turn helps our body, mind and spirit to find harmony and reconnect with the seasons (and the magic that is the cycle of life).

This print is Vegetables and features assorted garden veggies on a white background.

Collection: Grow
Designer: Pippa Shaw
Manufacturer: FIGO Fabrics
Material: 100% Cotton
SKU: 90403-11