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Vitamin Sea - Cream Blender - By Deborah Edwards For Northcott Fabrics

Warm sun on your face, white sand between your toes and the peaceful sound of the surf gently caressing the sandy shore...ahh, the serenity of Vitamin Sea. Created by design duo, Deborah Edwards and Melanie Samra, Vitamin Sea is a journey to paradise in watery shades of indigo, turquoise, peacock, and seafoam from the darkest darks to the lightest lights. A variety of multi-directional prints featuring shells and textures play a supporting role to the stunning panel and running yardage ombre. As well, a quick sew tote is offered, which can be used for its intended purpose or deconstructed and used in a quilt project. Take a trip to paradise with Vitamin Sea!

This print is Cream Blender and features a cream water texture.

Collection: Vitamin Sea
Designer: Deborah Edwards, Melanie Samra
Manufacturer: Northcott Fabrics
SKU: DP25423-11