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Riptide - Mint Hunt - By Citrus & Mint Designs For Riley Blake

This beachy, coastal fabric line is loaded with colors of the surf — sandy taupes, blues, creams, and a fun, vibrant orange. The prints, featuring surfers, shark teen, waves, and geometrics, are muted, yet modern and fresh.

“Riptide became a collection of what my family loves about our local beach. On any given Saturday you will find my husband and daughter surfing, my son digging to China in the sand, and me combing the surf for rare shells and shark tooth fossils — hoping to one day score the elusive Megalodon shark tooth. I wish to bring our each a little closer to you through this fabric, and subconsciously convince you to visit in real life.”

This print is Hunt in mint and features tiny scale sharks and schools of fish on a mint green background.

Collection: Riptide
Designer: Citrus & Mint Designs
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs
Item Number: C10305-MINT