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White Cottage Farm - 36" Countryside Panel - By Beth Albert For 3 Wishes Fabric

Beth Albert once again stuns with her newest collection for 3 Wishes fabric. White Cottage Farm is an 8-SKU offering that portrays a tranquil, small-town setting. Sage greens, neutrals and blush make up the primary color palette. There are 2 panels within this offering, each measure 36” x 42”. The 1st panel features a rustic barn, vintage truck, a pastoral landscape, and terracotta pots. Each block measures 15.5”. The 2nd panel depicts 9 blocks of quaint store fronts, barns and inviting homes. Each block measures 10”. The rest of this bucolic collection include vintage trucks adorned with floral sprays and lemons, a small scale floral, lemons set atop a neutral plaid, an irregular patch portraying elements that coordinate with all of the skus, a neutral tile print, and a linear viewpoint of the storefronts and homes from the 9-block panel.

This is a 36" Countryside Panel and features blocks with farm scenes.

Collection: White Cottage Farm
Designer: Beth Albert
Manufacturer: 3 Wishes
Material: 100% Cotton
SKU: 20884-PNL