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Fabric From The Attic - Forest Little String Theory - By Giucy Giuce For Andover Fabrics

Imagine moving into a new home, investigating all the nooks and crannies, and discovering a treasure-trove of forgotten items in the attic. Amongst the old photos and magazines is a dusty trunk. You open it up to discover a stash of vintage fabrics from a quilter who lived there years before. That was the image I had when creating this new collection.

Many of my designs tend to be on the larger side. With this collection I wanted to explore simple (but still thoughtful) prints on a much smaller scale. Inspired by colors and designs from decades past, I wanted to create a sort of palette of crayons to color with and mix in with my previous and upcoming collections.

This print is Little String Theory in Forest and features interconnecting dotted lines of white, on a dark green background.

Collection: Fabric From The Attic
Designer: Giucy Giuce
Manufacturer: Andover Fabrics
Material: 100% Cotton
SKU: A-9979-G