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Dream Weaver - Feathers, Green - by Amanda Castor for Riley Blake

From Amanda:
All my life I have been a dreamer. My active imagination as a child would fill my nights with wild, colorful and exciting dreams. Today I still find my thoughts drifting info daydreams when I'm particularly inspired. Dreams can be a powerful thing, planting the seeds of our future, Dream Weaver is inspired by the feathers, florals, and weaving of traditional native American dream catchers used to let the good dreams pass through and catch the bad dreams that would disappear at the first rays of morning light. Each morning you have two choices, either continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up to chase them. 

Dream Weaver by Amanda Castor for Riley Blake Designs is great for quilting, apparel and home decor.
This print, Feathers in Green, features gorgeous outlines of feathers in Southwestern colors on an aqua green background.

Collection: Dream Weaver
Designer: Amanda Castor
Manufacturer: Riley Blake