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Greenhouse Gardens - Purple Glass Houses - By Alicia Dujets For Michael Miller Fabrics

Greenhouse Gardens by Alicia Dujets was inspired by the love she has for her countless succulents and terrariums. Since she draws the fun and quirky things that she’s surrounded by, it came naturally to start doodling the many plants that she shares her home with. The palette features a sophisticated twist on traditional cactus colors, with a focus on ground colors such as navy and plum, while still including on-trend dusty greens. This collection is perfect for succulent, cactus, and plant lovers, and would be great for making gardening aprons, tote bags, and accessories for all the crazy plant ladies (and gentlemen!) out there!

This print is Glass Houses in purple and features outlined shapes of all kinds over a light purple background.

Collection: Garden Greenhouse
Manufacturer: Michael Miller Fabrics
Designer: Alicia Dujets
Material: 100% Cotton
Item: DC9389-PURP