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Pietra - Candy Pietra - By Giucy Giuce For Andover Fabrics

Pietra is inspired by and designed to coordinate with my newest release Nonna. The design of Pietra comes from my grandmother’s marble coffee table that we all gather around for holidays and special occasions. Like all my blenders, I tried to make this group as versatile as possible. Designed to look like marble, it can also take on the look of lightning, the roots of a tree, or cracks in concrete. The name comes from the Italian word for stone. Pietra also happens to be the root of both my parents names: Pietro and Pietrina (yes my parents essentially have the same name).

This print is Pietra in Candy and features an interesting marble pattern of white on a candy pink background.

Collection: Pietra
Designer: Giucy Giuce
Manufacturer: Andover Fabrics
Material: 100% Cotton
SKU: A-9881-E