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Beneath The Western Sky - Dark Pink Floral Moons - By Gracey Larson For Riley Blake Designs

“The rest...well the rest is the West.” Beneath the Western Sky tells the story of my home. From the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to the red Arizona Desert, from the evergreen trees to the cactus, and from the wide open skies to the bright desert moons, the West is my home. It’s a place of clean, crisp air and the most amazing sunsets in the world. It’s wild and free with places that still have never really seen a human footprint. These are the things that I wanted to capture in this fabric collection. So grab your rotary cutter (AKA your quilter’s spurs) and sewing machine and get ready to sew with me, because, like the great John Wayne would say: “We’re burnin’ daylight.”

This print is Floral Moon in Dark Pink and features pink moons and white flowers on a dark pink background.

Collection: Beneath The Western Sky
Designer: Gracey Larson
Material: 100% Cotton