Why is Everyone Talking About Double Gauze?

Posted by Lidia Corey on 5/23/2016 to News
Why is Everyone Talking About Double Gauze?

So what is double gauze? What does it feel like?

Double gauze is a light and airy fabric that has a loose weave, allowing for breathable comfort.  But the best thing about double gauze is that it is double layered (hence the name “double” gauze).  The double layer allows for the fabric to remain light, but gives the material some structure (with a beautiful drape!) and also prevents the fabric from being see-through. 

Double gauze is a woven material, so it does not have any stretch to it.  It also has a nice matte finish, which prevents slipping on the sewing machine base.  Double gauze cotton is made of two layers of loosely woven cotton, stitched together every centimeter or so to keep the layers together, which you can see on the back side. These two gauzy layers together make for incredibly soft fabric, perfect for baby items, clothing, or quilts.

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